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Complaints Office


The Government introduced resolution of public complaints as a new indicator in 2009.Resolution of public complaints is an indicator in performance contract. As a result of this, a complaints office was established in May 2010 to ensure that complaints are given the necessary attention with a view to improving the delivery of services.

Role of Complaints office in the Polytechnic

  1. Promote the sensitization of staff and other stakeholders on complaints handling.
  2. Advise management on complaints handling.
  3. Receive process and oversee the resolution of complaints.
  4. Monitor the trends of complaints and recommend remedial action.
  5. Prepare regular reports to management on complaints handling.
  6. Coordinate complaints handling activities in the college.
  7. Ensure the integration of complaints handling in the college
  8. Ensure compliance with the guidelines of the commission on resolution of public complaints as may be issued from time to time.
  9. Monitor, evaluate and review complaints handling activities in the organization.
  10. Where appropriate refer complaints to the appropriate authorities including the CAJ.
  11. Submit quarterly reports to CAJ.
  12. Promote alternative dispute resolution through mediation, reconciliation or negotiation on matters affecting the polytechnic.

    J. M. ONGUBO