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The Kisii National Polytechnic

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School of Computer Studies


Welcome to School of Computer Science and Information Communication Technology The department of computer studies offers interdisciplinary diploma and certificate programs in Computing and Information Technology courses. Besides offering its own programs, the Department also services courses offered in other Departments. These include general Computing and Information Technology for non-computing students as an examinable units as well as introductory computer courses for all students in the Polytechnic. The Department also runs CSAP and IT Essentials a course in CCNA Curriculum. For more information on these programmes, please visit their individual links.

Competitive Programmes as part of Vision 2030 The Department is committed to offering competitive market-driven courses to ensure employability of our graduates. Approximately 90% of our graduates have already secured jobs, with a very good number of them gaining promotions shortly after starting work. Most of our graduates secure these jobs before they finish their degree programmes, during their internship periods. As part of its strategic development plan, the Department of has embraced the Government of Kenya’s long-term National Development Vision known as the Vision 2030 as its main focus. As we all know, Science and Technology, specifically ICT, has been identified as a key pillar that will help achieve the Vision 2030 and in so doing help make Kenya a thriving middle class economy and greatly lift the living standards of Kenyans.

Department's Vision To become a modern, locally and internationally recognized, centre of excellence in teaching and research in ICT.

Department's Mission To attract qualified students to undertake courses in various fields of ICT as well as attract researchers to carry out research projects in areas relevant to the Kenyan market. It is our aim to equip students and researchers with practical tools that will enable them develop solutions relevant to mankind both locally and internationally.

Course Entry Grade Duration Examining Body Entry Time(Mod I) Entry Time(Mod II and III)
Diploma in Information Communication Technology (Module 1,2,3) C-,Pass in mod 1 and 2 respectively 3/2/2 Terms KNEC Jan/Sept Jan/May
Information Communication Technician (Module) C+,/ICTT Section VI 6 Months Per Section KASNEB Jan/May/Sept Jan
Certified Information Communication Technician Tech Level I-VI C- 6 Months KASNEB Jan/May/Sept Jan
Certificate in Information Technology Module I and II D Plain,Pass in Module I respectively 3/2 TERMS KNEC Jan/Sept Jan/May
Computer Packages Open 42 days KNP/KNEC Open -
CISCO-IT Essentials,CCNA Open 42 days KNP/KNEC Open -