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The life of a student is an important and dynamic component of an active tertiary education experience. It provides the student with an opportunity to develop not only academically, but also socially. It is important to note that TVET institution have a responsibility as part of the wholistic education of their graduates to prepare students for eventual entry into the work force or and entrepreneurship.

The Career services provide the immediate assistance that the student may need to maximize his or her capacity to begin a career. The Office is therefore mandated to empower the students to make right career choices.Career services and skills development is an important part of an institution’s overall “academic” program. Office of Career Services (OCS) has a critical role to play in a student’s career education. The OCS office is in the process of partnering with an array of organizations especially those that understand the complexities of the jobs markets as well as life after graduation.

It is the commitment of the Office of Career Services (OCS) to prepare students for the productive careers and lives of meaning and purpose during their academic life and post-graduation.

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