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Diploma Level 

  1. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (power)
  2. Electrical and Electronic  Engineering (Telecom)
  3. Pharmaceutical technology
  4. Medical Engineering
  5. Medical Lab Technology
  6. Environmental Health
  7. Food and beverage Production and service
  8. Fashion and Design
  9. Information Communication Technology
  10. Information Communication Technician
  11. Mechanical engineering (production)
  12. Automotive engineering
  13. Social work and community development
  14. Information science
  15. Project management
  16. Applied biology
  17. Analytical chemistry
  18. General Agriculture
  19. Environmental Science Studies
  20. Food science technology
  21. Building technology
  22. Architecture
  23. Civil engineering
  24. Supply chain management
  25. Secretarial studies
  26. Cooperative management
  27. Sales and marketing management
  28. Human resource management
  29. Entrepreneurship education
  30. Business management


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