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The Kisii National Polytechnic

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Welcome to Kisii National Polytechnic

Gusii Institute of Technology that is currently The Kisii National Polytechnic was founded on 19th December 1971 during an all Abagusii leaders conference at the Gusii County Hall. The initiation of the institute was on a fund raising basis supported by the farmers, Kisii cooperative union, Gusii County Council, business community and the general public. Registration of the institute took place in March 1972 under the Education Act CAP 212 of the laws of Kenya. In 1976, the institute first opened its doors to twenty five students for secretarial studies and by then the Catholic Church headquarters at St. Vincent hosted the institute. The current site was then identified, and the construction activities started in 1980. The first buildings to be put up were two workshops (i.e. woodwork technology, mechanical engineering) a typing pool, a dining hall and a hostel. Kisii National Polytechnic has land measuring 16.95 hectares which is considered adequate for further expansion. In 1983, with the new facilities in place, other courses were added to the curriculum. The rest of these were courses in building trades, which included Carpentry and Joinery, Plumbing, Masonry and Electrical Installation. The institution has continued to grow thanks to donor assistance from various bodies and organizations. The current population consists of 3000 students, 180 lecturers and 95 non- teaching staff. Kisii National Polytechnic is a hive of activity where people work together to transform dreams into skills for life. We look forward to taking the polytechnic to the higher level of training individual in order to further their goals and to benefit Kenya. GOD BLESS KISII NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC