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The Kisii National Polytechnic

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Communication & Development


Communication and Development

Course Entry Grade Duration Examining Body Entry Time(Mod I) Entry Time(Mod II and III)
Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management Diploma 2 Years KNEC Apr/Aug/Dec May
Diploma in Social Work and Community Development(Module I,II,III) C-, Pass in Mod. I & II respectively 2/2/2 Terms KNEC Jan/May Jan/May
Diploma in Information Science C- 7 Terms KNEC Apr/Aug/Dec -
Diploma in Project Management (Module I,II, III) C-, Pass in Module I, II 2/2/2 Terms KNEC Jan/May Jan/May
Certificate in Social Work and Community Development D Plain 4 Terms KNEC May -
Certificate in Information Studies D Plain 2/2 Terms KNEC Jan/Apr/Aug/Dec Jan/May