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Dean of Students


The office of the Dean of Students plays a key role in preparing, mentoring and adjusting students to cope with college life. This cannot be done alone. The coordination and provision of student welfare is done in conjunction with other publics within and outside the KNP community.

The role of the senior management team and the HODs in assisting the office of the Dean to mentor student leadership through mentorship programmes cannot be understated. It is in this vein that the office of the Dean establishes a collective and conducive bridge between the student government and the senior management staff, lecturers, non-teaching staff and customers. I would like to encourage all to own this process through an impeccable liaison of coordinating activities so that student leadership becomes an enviable responsibility in KNP.

Let us engage our students in co-curricula activities harmoniously enough to create a rapport that is geared towards letting identity of the students more of their real self image than the idealistic self concept that is abound in many a student. To do this inculcating a spiritual phenomenon in their lifes will contribute to the development of a high level of emotional intelligence which will make them desirable citizens in the world after KNP. Let us equip them with life skills that will gradually drive them away from character sicknesses so that they become more proactive than being reactive in situations that confront them.

God bless Kisii National Polytechnic.

Dean of Students