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The Kisii National Polytechnic

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Integrity Officer


This office was established as per the leadership and integrity Act 2012 which was enacted in accordance with article 80 of the constitution of Kenya. The Act establishes procedures and mechanisms for enforcing Chapter six of the constitution that ensures State Officers uphold and respect the values, principles and requirements of the constitution while discharging public duty. The office is managed by an Integrity Assurance Officer (IAO).This is a person appointed by the management, trained by EACC on integrity matters and ensures the following is achieved:
  1. Develops and operationalizes the following;
  2. Code of conduct for the institution.
  3. Corruption prevention policy.
  4. Periodically sensitizes members on integrity matters.
  5. Sets targets to ensure integrity principles are observed in every service point.
  6. Quarterly reports to the EACC on integrity matters.
  7. Takes minutes during the corruption prevention committee meetings in the institution.
  8. Communicates to relevant Authorities on issues touching on corruption.
  9. Protects whistle blowers on matters and corruption among others.