Core Functions

Core Functions

  • Co-ordinate and implement Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), Technical Education (TE), Research and Development.
  • Integrate STI and Technical Education into socio-economic development activities.
  • Establish business incubators within the institution.
  • Spearhead research and the application of research results.
  • Contribute to industrial and technological development, in collaboration with industry through transfer of STI and TE to the trainees.
  • Promote critical inquiry within the Polytechnic and in the general community.
  • To develop curricular in response to the demands of the labour market in line with CDACC and TVETA regulations.
  • To Implement TVETA approved curricula.
  • Provide programmes, products and services in ways that reflect the principles of equity and social justice.
  • To develop, administer and process examinations and award certificates and diploma qualifications to successful candidates.
  • Collaborate with recognized universities for the conduct and award of degree programmes in technology.
  • Foster the general welfare of staff and students.
  • Establish and maintain an Alumni Association.
  • Track, monitor and measure absorption of our graduates into the industry.




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Non Academic Departments:To offer efficient services to our customers and working towards achievements of our academic vision and mission.

Internal Audit
Guidance and counseling


Human Resource
Procurement and Stores