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Electrical Electronics Engineering


                                                                                                                     Erick Omweri
                                                                                                                Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It is one of the three engineering departments at Kisii National Polytechnic. We offer training under the following three sections.

1. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Power Option)

2. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Telecommunication Option)

3. Medical Engineering

The Department offers training at Artisan, Craft & Diploma level, both in Electrical Power and Telecommunication. In Medical Engineering we are offering training at Craft & Diploma Level.

In order to be in line with current technology, we have made partnership with organizations like East African Cables, Broadcast Solutions Limited, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Power Hive (a firm that deals with solar), Devki Steel Mills, Nyankoba Tea Factory and Getembe Electrical Services. This has enabled us to start Competence-Based Education and Training in order to prepare graduates who will fit the industries.

Currently the department has a committed staff that comprises both male and female trainers. There are two qualified technicians. We strive to equip our trainees with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude so that they become well-rounded Engineering Craftsmen/technicians/ technologists who will not only be technically fit but also disciplined and morally upstanding.

Our graduates find employment in the following sectors:

  1. Power Producing companies
  2. Kenya Power & Lighting Company
  3. Manufacturing firms
  4. Hospitals
  5. Telecommunication firms


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