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Mr. Robert Too.
Head of Department


Games and sports department is a key department in Kisii National Polytechnic as it cuts across all departments. The department is headed by Mr. Robert Too and deputized by Erick Ougo

Department’s Goal

Our main goal is to develop talents by facilitating training of trainees who can successfully compete at both national and international level as well as maintaining physical fitness of KNP fraternity.

What we do

We engage in various sports activities organized in three terms i.e; the first term has athletics, rugby and ladies’ soccer. The second term has ball games, male soccer, basketball, netball and volley ball while the third term has indoor games, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, handball and cross country. 


We are members of Kenya Technical Training Institutes Sports Organisations (KETTISO) which brings together technical institutions and meets termly for different sports competitions. 


We are proud KETTISO champions currently in cross country men and soccer men. Also we have successfully won a number of trophies in various disciplines due to hard work and dedication brought about by teamwork exhibited through team members.


Despite the exemplary performance in various disciplines, we face a few challenges which the department is working on to ensure they don’t affect our performance in future. Some of the challenges include; shortage of playing/training fields due to land and finances which we call upon members of like-minded to give a hand in supporting us. Another key challenge is limited time for training since we priotize class learning and do our trainings in the evening after 5:00P.M which sometimes is interrupted by harsh weather conditions like rains.

Capacity Building

The management occassionary sponsors coaches whenever possible for training under professional organizations to be versed with current championship trends and rules.


We thank the management which has ensured that our activities runs smoothly and teams have consistently participated in all KETTISO games through financial and infrastructure support for sports equipment, kits and other necessities. Our appreciation also goes to coaches who are constantly doing a great work in training our community. Finally we appreciate our trainee sportsmen and women who always ensure we win.




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