Dean of Students





  • In charge of student activities and welfare.
  • Works with the student union leaders referred to as KIPOSU, to ensure that students’ issues are addressed through the appropriate channels.
  • Ensures that the annual KIPOSU elections are conducted in a free and fair environment.
  • Coordinates clubs and societies; registers the clubs and ensures that they operate according to set down college rules and regulations.
  • Coordinates transportation of trainees, trainers and non-trainees using college vehicles for academic trips and other social welfare affairs.
  • Coordinates culture and creative art activities, i.e drama, music and college cultural festival.
  • Coordinates student leaders’ induction, tours and any other activity that requires their attention regarding activities outside college.
  • Guides the KIPOSU executive committee in the student leadership in the preparation of termly budget and usage of such funds once approved.
  • Ensures student union kitty is well utilized in cases of:
  • Benevolent funding
  • Sports activities
  • Assisting less fortunate and physically handicapped.
  • Arbitrates students’ affairs in the college management council.
  • Receives complaints and solves issues regarding student discipline.
  • During sporting activities outside the institution, the Dean ofstudents accompanies traineesin order to oversee their welfare and contains disciplinary issues, if any.
  • Ensures that the college is clean and supervises those working under him in order to achieve this objective.
  • Oversees the running of the college clinic; that trainees receive required medical attention.
  • In conjunction with the senior cateress, the Dean’s office ensures that meals served in the pay-as-you-eat system are of right quality and quantity.


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